highly custom, highly personal, totally livable design

Good Design Starts Here:

Based in Oklahoma City, Lauren Corbyn Design helps busy people avoid houses and select commercial projects that feel like a big bummer.  Lauren guides clients through renovations and decorating projects to create highly custom, highly personal, totally livable, “feel at home” homes and special spaces throughout Oklahoma and beyond.

Lauren understands the value of beautiful and functional design. Being home should put a smile on your face because it looks good, feels good and works well.  Commercial spaces should create a special sense of place that is unlike any other. Lauren’s greatest strength as a designer is understanding clients’ personal style and bringing that to the forefront of thoughtful design. She creates unique spaces for unique people who don’t want copycat design.

Interested in working together? Let’s see if we’re a good fit! Every project begins with a paid consultation that lasts up to two hours. Lauren will share as much info as possible while learning about everything you want for your space.  

Please reach out via email to schedule a quick call